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All of the Firefighters in Talbot County are Volunteers. We need your help!  Join us and  help protect our homes, businesses and loved ones.

With the support of Talbot County Council, the  Talbot County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association (TCVFRA) is conducting a recruiting campaign in support of all our county fire companies.

For information on volunteering with a
Talbot County Fire Company contact volunteer@tcvfra.org,  Friend us on Facebook or visit our volunteer information page by clicking on Gear Up for Talbot

Gear Up For Talbot


5th Annual Seven Alarm Golf Tournament held on 14 July

27 Teams participated in our annual fundraising event that supports R&R activities foe all seven of our member companies.

Team photos can be found at the link on the navigation bar. 



 Recruiting TV ad produced!


TCVFRA has developed our first TV recruiting ad. Additional ones will follow. You can preview it on You Tube at the link below

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2018 Meeting Schedule


     Jan. 10          Talbot Ctr., Exec

     Feb. 14           Sta. 20, Oxford dinner

     Mar. 14        Talbot Ctr., Exec

     Apr. 11           Sta. 30, Trappe dinner  

     May 9            Talbot Ctr., Exec

     June 13           Sta. 40, St. Michaels dinner  

     July 11          Talbot Ctr., Exec


     Sept. 12           Talbot Ctr., Exec

     Oct. 10           Sta. 50 Cordova, dinner  

     Nov. 14         Talbot Ctr., Exec

     Dec 12             Sta. 60 Easton, dinner

Miss a TCVFRA Meeting?


Check the minutes of meetings on the Secretary’s Page