Gear Up For Talbot

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Have you ever wanted an exciting job, to feel you pulse quicken on your way to work?

Do you want to get more involved in your community and meet  new people?

Do you want to do something important?

Would you like to get free education, gain experience and build your resume?

Would you like a tax break? 

Would you like to become part of a tradition as old as our country? 

Do you want give something important to your community?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, consider joining us as a volunteer member of a Talbot County Fire Company.



TCVFRA (4 of 19)We are your neighbors; we are business people, waterman, carpenters, students, members of the military, homemakers, retirees, life long residents of the shore and “come heres.” We are all volunteers. Each of us made the choice to volunteer and join a Talbot County Fire Company.


 Benefits of Volunteering:

• Community Connections; meet your neighbors, become a vital part of your community

• Free education; Firefighting and Emergency Medical Technician classes run by the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute (MFRI), part of the  University of Maryland, give college credit

• Build your resume; gain experience and leadership positions

• High School students can enroll in the Career Tech program and become fully qualified Firefighters and EMTs while completing their Senior year.

• Earn Tax Deductions and retirement stipend

• Free Life and Workmen’s Compensation Insurance ______________________________________________________________________

 Basic and Advanced Training available in:

• Firefighting

• Hazardous Materials

• Emergency Medical Technician

•Leadership and Management

See for more detail ______________________________________________________________________

Want to learn a little more?

Watch “Why I chose Fire”,  a you tube video

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Take the first step now!

To find out more or to volunteer now contact the Talbot County Fire Company in your area  (Company page), send an e-mail to  or complete the information form below. [easy_contact_forms fid=1]