Draft Active Assailant Guidance issued for comment

MIEMSS, MSP, and the Maryland Active Assailant Interdisciplinary Work Group release the draft “Guidance to First Responders for the Active Assailant Incident” and is seeking your input. Click http://bit.ly/SI7E2z to read the document and for instructions on submitting comments. Comments are due by July 7, 2014, to ActiveAssailantComments@miemss.org.

Fiirehouse.com post

On Duty Firefighter deaths rise in 2013

After several years on a downswing, on-duty firefighter deaths were up in 2013. There were 101 on-duty firefighter fatalities last year, including eight classified as Hometown Heroes, according to statistics compiled by the USFA. During 2012, records show 83 firefighters died while serving their communities. The number is preliminary as state fire marshals throughout the country will be contacted to make sure all on-duty deaths are counted. Firefighters who suffer a heart attack or stroke within 24 hours of responding to an emergency are considered Hometown Heroes. There were four incidents in which multiple firefighters were killed – and three of those were in Texas. Two firefighters were killed in Bryan; 10 in West and four in Houston. A wildfire in Arizona left 19 hotshots dead.

Source: Firehouse.com